If You’ve Been Enjoying Barry Manilows Holiday Tunes, You Will Love the Smooth Jazz on Jan Daleys New Christmas Album

With Christmas Day just around the corner, now is the time to take advantage of all the great music that has been released this holiday season.  If you’ve been listening to the great Barry Manilow take on the Holiday classics, be sure to check out Jan Daley’s new smooth jazz Christmas Album as well! Daley stands prominent as one of the most phenomenal vocalists to hit the shelves in recent years and her Christmas arrangements are no exception.  Her controlled bluesy timbre, stellar arrangements and world-class instrumentalists result in a true masterpiece of this holiday season.

Jan reminisces through music to her touring days with Bob Hope and the emotional intent within the music is unmistakable.  Her rendition of “Silent Night” truly illustrates the deep meaning that those times hold for Daley.  Her stylistic versatility and immaculate intonation is impressive and well worth your time this holiday season.  Don’t forget to grab a copy of the album on iTunes or on Amazon.

Have yourself a Happy Holidays and, in the meantime, keep up with Jan on Facebook and on her website here: www.jandaley.com/


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