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Metalheads! You Can Pre-Order Junkyard Prophet’s Version Of The Star Spangled Banner For Independence Day

Junkyard Prophet, a heavy metal band from Minneapolis, Minnesota, just released their own version of The Star Spangled Banner just in time for Independence Day. You can download the track for free on NoiseTrade.

The band’s focus has always been on youth and their future, so much so that they turned down a major record deal out of fear it would water down their message. They’ve performed many shows and shared the stage with bands like Pantera, Regime and Savage. They’ve sold over 40,000 CD’s in the Midwest alone and don’t show any signs of slowing down. Their aim is to give the people music with a message.

Keep up with Junkyard Prophet on Facebook, Twitter and their official website here:



X Factor Hopefuls The General Brothers Win An Award For Best Pop Rock Song

The X Factor: Italy first-round qualifiers the General Brothers were just awarded a gold medal for their new single “Feel the Magic” and another one for Best Band by the Global Music Awards. The band blends different genres of music like pop, rock, electronic and rhythm & blues for a unique and upbeat sound. You can also watch the music video for “Feel the Magic” on YouTube.

Their self-titled and self-released debut album is on their Soundcloud here:and is available to stream entirely free. Catch them performing at some of Italy’s hottest music venues like Le Troittor in Rome.

Don’t forget to check out their YouTube channel, Facebook  and stay up to date on their live shows at their official website here: