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Dance-Pop Superstar Grace Valerie Will Have Christina Aguilera Fans Hitting The Dance Floor All Night Long

Dance-Pop superstar Grace Valerie will have Christina Aguilera fans hitting the dance floor all night long! All night long is a pretty long time and that fact should be reason enough to demonstrate her talent as an artist and as a performer! Grace Valerie is poised to be the greatest impact to the Dance-Pop genre that any of us has seen since Christina Aguilera hit the scene. It is a lot of pressure to live up to when someone says you can be genre defying and uniquely original, but if any artist is up to the challenge it has to be Grace Valerie. Grace’s music pulls people onto the dance floor; her previous single was No. 1 “Most Popular” MTV video and reached No. 17 on Billboard’s club chart and her highly anticipated new summer song “Magic” just dropped on June 2, 2015. Initially discovered by the Grammy-award winning producer and former American Idol judge Randy Jackson in 2010, Grace Valerie has since been creating music that has millions of YouTube viewers and thousands more Twitter followers raving for more. I watched her perform at her listening part for her single “Magic” and I have got to say; she lives up to every bit of hype about her!

You can preview and purchase “Magic” on iTunes and Amazon. To stay up to date, check her out on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and her official website 4WEB